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Englishious English Communication And AccentTraining Program Will Help Our Students To Improve Their Fluency & Pronunciation To Communicate In English With Confidence.

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Duration 3 Months

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Frequently Asked Questions

The purpose of the communication and language training course is to enhance participants' communication skills and language proficiency, enabling them to effectively convey ideas, collaborate, and succeed in various personal and professional settings.

The communication and language training course is beneficial for individuals from diverse backgrounds, including professionals seeking to improve their communication skills, non-native English speakers aiming to enhance their language proficiency, students preparing for academic or professional endeavors, and anyone who wants to improve their overall communication abilities.

The course covers a range of essential communication skills, including effective speaking and listening, persuasive writing, non-verbal communication, and professional presentation skills. It also emphasizes grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation to enhance language proficiency.

The course is typically structured in modules or lessons, each focusing on specific communication skills. It may include interactive lectures, group discussions, role-plays, real-life simulations, multimedia resources, and individual or group projects.